Karlovy Vary, Moskevská 992 / 3

La Dolce Vita.

Good chocolate is like a fine wine, a sensual gratification that is best enjoyed at a slow pace and with closed eyes. If you are one of its lovers, you should not miss out on the Karlovy Vary truffle store „La Dolce Vita,“ which tempts the taste buds with a great many of pleasures. The store owner Jan Hadrava felt the initial urge to open a chocolate store after a random visit to a truffle store in Prague. Initially, he would only sell chocolatetruffles, but for the fifth month now he has been making his own products and expanding the range. In addition to chocolate bars and pralines, he plans to start production of chocolate figurines. The basis of all products is high-quality chocolate. Mr. Hadrava buys it from Belgium, Germany, Madagaskar and Italy. In combination with other ingredients, he uses it to makes truffles, chocolates with fillings, but also unusual sweet variations such as sun-dried tomatoes in chocolate or chocolate with pink proper and plums. However, this choice of flavors is far from complete, the latest addition being chocolate with rose blossoms. The store assortment is not limited only to chocolate, you can also taste roasted cocoa beans that are served just like nuts. A person with a sweet tooth will be delighted to drink genuine hot chocolate which is made purely out of melted chocolate. Again, there are different flavors on offer - pink pepper, chilli, cardamom, ginger and nuts. The business offers real pearls amongst chocolate. For example, chocolate from the most valuable type of Macao tree Porcelain, whose fruits are unusually white and bears fruit infrequently. Mr. Hadrava also sells homemade honey directly from beekeepers, and he does not stop at traditional flavors, offering unusual kinds and combinations : acacia, pine, raspberry, propolis, royal jelly, nuts, cherries in honey, plums in honey or cocoa beans in honey . If you hesitate over a gift for your loved ones, you will not make a mistake with homemade chocolate. Mr. Hadrava will help you choose if you can‘t make a decision from the menu or if you have a special request. Making a special chocolate according to your imagination is no big deal, either.